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Friday, January 23, 2009


WOOT!! WOOT!! okay so today, i decided I'd start blogging. Something I never thought I'd be doing, but hey what the hell lol. first and foremost i think its best i start things off by talking about my group "THE RETRO KIDZ" many may know us solely as the group of kids with flatops and gumbys hitting up every industry party, & dancing the night away to old school hip hop songs. but there is more to the door knockers and gumbys ;-). we're very multi talented indeed.


It all began about 3 years or so ago, when kenny (sur fresh) woke up to watching the movie "kid & play" and figured it would be a good idea to start dressing old school & start up a crew, thus calling ourselves "The Retro Kidz". The group met through various different locations, some are family members, some met at parties, and others at school. We all shared a love for the 80s, and noticed that most of our own individual style was 80s influenced as well, after that we came together decided to make it our lifestyle, and take it the extra mile, that's where the haircuts came in.

There are 8 members in total 7 guys and I'm the only female (def holding it down 4 the ladies =) lol),as the group grew closer together as a family we realized we all had our own unique skills that we each brought to the table aside from our fashion sense, we later evolved into the music.
Some of us sing, 4 of us rap, Sur fresh, ill will, j smooth, and me 1st lady, a couple of us model, & some of us such as myself share a love for acting. We later on signed with Brobot, (shouts 2 them all), Linked up with our management company (shameless mngmt), began designing pieces for our upcoming clothing line & connected with all the right ppl to fuel our vision.

Many mistake us for a gimmick but we are far from it! "DON'T MISTAKE NOSTALGIA FOR A GIMMICK"... we simply feel as if we've missed out on something truly great in hip hop history, it surely was the beginning of something amazing. We just want to bring the fun back in music and people are constantly trying to put us down for trying to do something positive with today's youth. come on!! its 09' Obama is president & honestly as the years progress music in my opinion is getting to watered down, what happened to the story telling rhymes slick rick rhymed about, the powerful messages public enemy influenced us with, or the messages queen latiffah delivered to us, now everything is about cash,drugs women or i say hey why not reset it in hopes of taking it to a different direction huh?

everything was different back then, Careless fun and freedom, and we simply want to bring it all back again.. WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR PPL TO UNDERSTAND???

so im ending it with that, and will definitely be keeping everyone posted on our upcoming events, while your at it check out the video for our first single below entitled "NEW ERA"